fear others (collection of early 2014 songs​/​outtakes​/​throwaways)

by contron



released April 8, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: fear others
summer nights, it’s a bummer right? spend a weekend all alone

dear lover, fear others, tears coverin’ a skeleton of broken bones

sometimes people make you sick & that’s what we have medicine for

sometimes medicine makes you sick & that’s what we have graveyards for

i was happy on a summer day i didn’t really think of anything

sleeping pills pills i’m keeping still
Track Name: i wanna lay inside yr bed (sex song)
yr lookin’ nervous to them

would you surface again?

i wanna see yr face one last time

in case i don’t get another chance

i wanna lay inside yr bed

i wanna stay inside yr head

like a terrible song you can’t forget

i’m so glad i came home today

(broken bones & broken hearts please open a window & let some light in)
Track Name: you used to love those flashing lights, they make you feel important
you used to love those flashing lights they made you feel important
now yr waves gone crashing by yr a volcano gone dormant
now yr surprised by the ppl who didn’t pay attention to the things you did
& the ppl you knew all the places you went all the time you spent
to convince everybody that yr name holds weight it’s the same old fate
yr an epilogue to a story that really didn’t matter
you used to love those flashing lights, they make you feel important
Track Name: chicken wing song
everyone u love deep down they’re bad
deep down they’re sickening
they made u eat yr words & u said
u said they taste like chicken wings
Track Name: a mouth full of lies you wish you could tell
they used to all believe in you & now you watch em leaving you
a severed tongue it’s never fun sweet silence slowly eating you
it’s easier this way
a head full of things you don’t think you should say
i guess it’s just as well
a mouth full of lies that you wish you could tell
at least you almost tried
a statue of yrself that used to be alive
it used to make u sick
devoted doors all voted for a lock u wouldn’t pick
Track Name: lowlife crisis
i went 2 church & prayed to gods i don’t believe in

dearly departed, darlin, oh i see you leavin’

i’m having a low life crisis dear god i hope i’m righteous

i want my dear friend terrence back

don’t want no lies, transparent facts

i went to hell been there & back

i saw his glazed eyes starin’ back

i keep my feet still on the ground

if yr all alone in what they call a home did the gunshot make a sound?
Track Name: graduation (pretending all the time you waste is gonna pay off someday)
yr feelin’ down yr feelin’ sick yr skin is dry & peelin quick
yr friendly foes their trendy clothes the kids out skipping school
yr fallin down yr callin’ out u wonder what it’s all about
the first time that you met them you didn’t think they’d be so cruel
now yr graduating & oh they had you waiting
for what felt like an eternity but nothing really changed
yr drowning in an ocean of going through the motions
& pretending all the time you waste is gonna pay off someday
Track Name: don't think (take it personal)
open mouth yr chokin’ out

someone you thought you loved

don’t take it personal

well i’m not coming home tonight & i’m not gettin’ stoned tonight

i don’t think you should think this through

i don’t think

you should think this through
Track Name: homeless man in a suit song (georgia ballads)
a homeless man in suit riding a bicycle down the street

he asked me for some change it didn’t make me feel ashamed

just kept on goin’ about my day the way that i do

then the sun it slowly embraces me

burning my skin so impatiently
Track Name: witch hunting (ode to abigail williams)
we’re going witch hunting, we’re going witch hunting
we’re going witch hunting i hope i hit something
& i see through yr magic tricks i can’t hear yr tragic lips
tell the people that you didn’t do the things they said you did
(i’m glad we have a safer town)
oh, witch hunting oh, witch hunting
Track Name: calculate & hesitate
there's nothing much to talk about
the teachers here chalk is out
i calculate & hesitate
Track Name: all those stupid sad bastards
oh how they love to have the last word
all those stupid sad bastards
i don’t know why we wanna be like them
this is a monument to things i take for granted
every seed i could’ve planted
a love letter to what could’ve been
Track Name: oh in the springtime revised
oh if she’s so ashamed of it then why’d she hold yr hand?
i wish you weren’t so proud of it, yr stupid older friends
& if yr so ashamed of it then why not let it go?
if yr so ashamed of it then why not let it go?
oh in the springtime yes it rains til’ it gets sunny,
i wish i was allowed 2 be 2 proud 2 take yr money
maybe if i cared a lil less good things would happen
we move with such finesse & make a mess of what we’re trapped in
Track Name: jesus lifted me
was lookin for a miracle so i called up steve harvey, now we’re cookin drugs inside a tinted green rv, i’m so glad jesus lifted me singin sweet songs hallelujah jesus lifted me, i’m so glad jesus lifted me, we stopped by muhammad’s & we found virginity, sex & drugs & violence the holy trinity, sweet songs hallelujah jesus lifted me
Track Name: suspicious lips song
yr not alone you’ve got a home
don’t throw it all away for this
suspicious lips don’t make a sound
a christmas list full of things you want
that you can’t have
that you can’t have, they’re not for you
Track Name: "try not to worry"
excerpt from a conversation with a friends anxiety medication

there is life inside of you

yr just a life inside of something

try not to worry

it’s not in a hurry

yr forfeiting yr orbiting

around people that you wish you were like

yr probably more like them than you think

try not to worry
Track Name: ptsd song (letter to my father)
it’s not something you can just let go of

i guess it’s got a hold on you

at least yr still alive for now

at least yr still alive

nightmare songs, alright they’re wrong

i guess the rest of the world just wouldn’t know
Track Name: describe yrself in 2 words (letter to my unborn child)
i went back to georgia & saw lotsa crying
describe yrself in 2 words: not surprising
but you don’t really hate yrself
you just hate their expectations
someday you’ll be someone else
& i bet you still won’t like yrself
yr ignorant, yr blissful
their mouths are loaded pistols
they’re gonna shoot you down & you’ll enjoy it
in some sick, strange way
Track Name: watch it melt (a letter to 14 year old me)
it seems like everyone you know’s in love with someone else

& you don’t wanna break the ice yr content to watch it melt

just let it go